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Efficiency in Infrastructural Management.
Implementation of compliance with appropriate standards
Co-ordination and monitoring of the  provision and regulation of municipal services by MDAs.

A New Enugu...

The Best City For Business, Tourists and Residents In Nigeria


  • To prepare an updated and comprehensive masterplan for A New Enugu which will be modern, serene, business-friendly, with functional infrastructure and public services. 
  • To Restore the City to Proper and Fit Standards by rigorous and continuous monitoring of development and enforcement of proper development standards. To recover, develop and maintain all public parks and green areas. Redevelopment of run-down neighbourhoods to restore them to proper standards; to upgrade the inner cities and eliminate slums.
  • To co-ordinate the growth of Satellite Towns and New Development Areas to relieve housing pressure, increase supply of low and middle income housing, promote new areas for business, recreation and tourism.
  • Promotion, Development and Investment in Sufficient Public Utilities, Public Services and World Class Infrastructure for Transforming the New Enugu Into a National Centre for Business, Investment and Tourism. Identification and Implementation of strategic projects and programmes requiring support by Government. Promotion of the Capital Territory as a Centre for Financial, Information and Communication Technology, Health, Education, Business, and Tourism.  
  • Advising the governor on issues relating to the development of the capital territory.


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