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The project department is the department formed or established under ECTDA for supervision, inspection / monitoring all ECTDA sponsored projects.

The department is comprising of the following professionals.


2.Civil engineers

3.Mechanical Engineers

4.Structural Engineers


6.Quantity Engineers


1.Vetting / appraising of working drawings sent in from the L.G.A to ensure that they conforms to the standards required.

2.Designing and approving all ECTDA project.

3.Estimating of project cost and ensure that commissioned projects are executed within specified time frame.

4.Plans role in project management within the ECTDA

5.Project department set up the estimates, the budget and the construction time table for the projects within the jurisdiction of ECTDA.

6.They ensures that the construction projects complies with the building codes and any other legal or regulatory requirements.

7.Project department of ECTDA is the overall planning, coordination, monitory and control of a project from beginning to completion.

8.Plan the developer of projects at hand.

9.Report progress of projects by suitable media to sector management, maintain and update project reporting to the Hon. commissioners through the permanent secretary.