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The information unit is responsible for general publicity, publications, promotion of good images and protocol activities of the ministry. The unit is under the office of the Hon. Commissioner and the information officer reports directly to the Hon. Commissioner.


 a.General Publicity 

 I.News coverage of the Commissioners activities and the ministry at large through the press.

 II.Dissemination of information to the public, attending to public enquiries, announcements, adverts, bills and posters etc. 

III.Organizing press conferences, interviews, briefings and issuing of press releases. 

IV.Publishing bulletins/journals. 

V.Collection and correction of media information for Commissioners guidance. 

VI.Press monitoring, writing of rejoinders, commendations where necessary. 

VII.Monitoring press cuffings and clipping, researches, opinion surveys and other information gathering. 

VIII.Accompanying the Hon. Commissioner to official public functions and tours for protocol and publicity reasons.

IX.Assisting in preparation for Hon. Commissioners addresses.

 X.Generation of image making ideas, activities and information necessary for goof administration. 


 I.Organizing of special events e.g. end –of – year parties, press get-togethers, anniversary celebrations, seminars, public shows e. t. c.

II.Procurement and packaging of PR give - aways e.g. present of souvenirs. 

III.Guest relations activities e.g. Receptions, cocktails. 


 I.Ensuring observance of proper protocols for the office of the commissioner at all times and in public functions. 

II.Carving out protocols activities for the Commissioner e. g invitations, acceptance of invitations, apologies for oversights etc. 

III.Making seating arrangements for meetings, public functions 

IV.Booking of engagement/appointment. 

V.Publishing diary of commissioner’s engagements and informing members of the entourage to such functions. 

VI.Any other activities as may be directed by the Commissioner, attending briefings of Commissioner/Director of information or other appropriate authority. 


 The information unit has a vision of carving the policies and programs of the state in the areas of transport, development control and planning, research and statistics to the general public, through in depth and analytical news reports and back grounders, namely: documentaries, special focus, supplements in national dailies, commentaries/analysis, TV panel discussions, features, paid adverts, out-doors bill boards adverts jingles etc.