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The Data Management Unit office is a unit under the office of the Honourable commissioner that responds to all ICT needs of the Authority.

The DMU office was established as a direct partnership of ECTDA with Nigerian Infrastructural Advisory Facility (NIAF) of DFID towards assisting the authority in carrying out its mandate within the municipal city and improving Enugu’s urban infrastructure and the quality and reliability of related services – a spatial Database Management System (DBMS).


1.Scanning of all incoming building drawings into ECTDA plan Man site

2.Electronically tracking all received building drawings

3.Maintaining a digital record of building plan approvals and non- approvals

4.Maintains a digital portal - through its plan Man, by which the authority can digitally receive and sends correspondence to the public

5.Maintains a Raster image for the Authority

6.Acquires data for digitization into ECTDA Raster Image

7.Maintains a Geographic information system center – through which we can create, design and print out Maps

8.Scanning and digitization of Maps and layouts received from MDAs into ECTDA data base

9.Production of aerial Image of the capital city – can be used in resolving disputed Land areas

10.Responds to all ECTDA ICT related needs and requests etc.

11.The desk officer for all ECTDA partnership with Multinational organizations like DFID, Nigerian Infrastructural Advisory Facility (NIAF), Rockefeller Foundation, Enugu 100 Resilience Cities etc.


1.Orientation and navigating the Enugu Capital Territory

2.uilding GIS database from previous records

3.Location of sites etc

4.Production and printing of Maps and Layouts

5.Strategic Land – use mapping of Enugu Capital Territory 6.Major land uses, points of interest – e.g. Government building and other assets etc.