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1.Preparation and production of the plan for its MDA’s/ sector

2.Review and production of plans for its MDA’.

3.Coordinate the preparation of Annual Budget of the MDA’s

4.Preparation of yearly work plan for the ministry

5.Preparation of policy briefs and other policy documents

6.Preparation of EXCO memos and other memos where applicable

7.Monitoring and Evaluation and Reporting and policies, plans, programs and projects of the MDA’s

8.Preparation of quarterly and annual progress reports of the MDAs.

9.Circulation of quarterly and annual reports

10.Collection, storing, updating and dissemination of relevant data for planning and other uses.

11.Provides secretariat of the Ministerial Tenders Board

12.Articulating and packaging of proposals for Donor assistance. 13.Coordinating all partnership programs in the MDAs