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The physical planning and development control department is commissioned to undertake the basic responsibility of maintaining a strict compliance of the city master plan, by performing the following functions.

1.Monitoring / Supervision of the physical development within the capital city.

2.Inspecting of sites and work progress in line with granted approval.

3.Identification of problem areas i: e inimical development within the capital city.

4.Vetting of building plans before granting approval.

5.Prompt demolition of inimical developments

6.Supervision /Removal of street trading activities.

7.Supervision of municipal services.

8.Urban renewal activities.

These functions were carried out with a common view to achieving the following.

1.A sustainable physical plan for the city

2.A convenient setting for living, working and recreation.

3.A smooth flow of various activities carried-out but carefully integrated land uses. However, it is important to elucidate on some of the activities carried- out by this department under the following headings.


This is an outright removal of an encroachment or inimical development by force. Also this activity have been carried out extensively by this department in many locations within the capital city. Example;

i.Old Mountain of fire site by Zik’s Avenue.

ii.Removal of illegal shops at old park Ogbete Enugu

iii.Demolition of illegal shops at Murtala Mohammed park, Udeubaka Park Agbani Agbani road, Ngwo park Uwani, Naira Triangle, Nnaji Park New Heaven etc.

iv.Demolition of illegal encroachments (shops) at Abakpa junction, old Emene Road, thinkers’ corner pocket layout Enugu etc.

v.Demolition of houses distorting thinkers corner pocket L/out (Ugbo chime), new town layout Ugbo Okonkwo etc.

vi.Opening of blocked access roads at Annang street new Heaven, Anderton pocket Layout GRA

vii.Removal of encroachments, (behind CBN) at GRA, Independence layout, Agbani road, Okpara Avenue, chime Avenue N/heaven Ogui Road.

viii.Demolition of encroachment at coal camp Ogbete (High Tension Filling Station opposite Avia oil)

ix.Demolition of illegal structure at Udi siding, shooting range Ologo Ngwo, Bunker by the foot of Udi hills etc.

x.Opening up of blocked access road at Ifo layout Nike, Trans-Ekulu Pocket Layout etc.

xi.Removal of shanties at Nike Lake premises Enugu. Please find the attached photos for your ease of reference.


Some deteriorated areas / location have been successful recovered under this scheme i.e. Ugbo Chime at Thinkers corner pocket layout while other areas were still in progress i.e. Ugbo Alfred, Udi siding, Obiagu etc.


1.The department has successfully identified locations and supervised the installation of 257 (two hundred and fifty seven) Korean made solar powered has shelters within the capital city.

2.Also the installation of 1079 (one thousand seventy nine) street signage is ongoing with it 1st phase completed.

Finally the department is the custodian of the city master plan.



Demolition is the tearing – down of building and other structures.


i.Overriding public interest

ii.Building without approval

iii.Building on non – existing layout

iv.Building on indigenous local lands

v.Disregards to the approval set back by development control Authority.

1.Sometimes govt do not envisage a future development and when the need arises demolition occurs.

2.Some people build without approval from the relevant Authority (ECTDA). Building that fall short of this get demolished.

3.Building in non-existing layout attracts demolition in Enugu state. The likes of Rono layout which was replaced with umuchigbo super – imposed a new name on the existing one.

4.A lot of people disregards this order and are always developing without taking notice of this.

5.Some fraudsters may have different layout fraudulently produced and sold to innocent victims who buys the plot without verifying the authentic layout from the relevant authority. Building of such falls into demolition.

6.Usually, in every approved designed by development control for a building, there are relevant setbacks for the front, back and side of building. Some do extends beyond this limits and can equally attract demolition.