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It is already an established fact that finance is the life-blood of any organization invariably a veritable, instrument for successful execution of the assigned functions of the ECTDA. 

 The Account department of any establishment is vested with the responsibility for good financial management through maintenance of efficient revenue generating and accounting system. 


 HOD (Finance and Admin):

Advises the Honorable Commissioner on Financial Management. 

•Overall management of income and expenditure of ECTDA.

•Endorses approval from the Hon. Commissioner for payment 

•Counter Signs all payment vouchers and Cheques. 

•Keeps custody of revenue receipts 

•Represents the Dept. at management meetings. 

•Signs & keeps custody of cheques including other security documents. 

•Other duties as directed by Hon. Commissioner. 

Pay Officer 

•Responsible for settlement of all expenditures incurred at the ECTDA. 

•Prepares and manages the payment of cash book 

•Receives revenue from the Revenue Office in form of remittance. 

•Presents vouchers and cheques to HOD (F7A) for cross-checking before payments. •Presenting daily posting for HOD (F7A)’s verification.

 Revenue Officer 

•Responsible for receipt of all revenues accruing to ECTDA. 

•Prepares the revenue cash book. 

•Liaise with banks for purpose of obtaining credit advice. 

•Prepares remittance vouchers for payment to pay officer 

•Prepares the bank reconciliation statements. 

Other Changes 

•Raises the vouchers approved for payment. 

•Keeps the vote book register. 

•Keeps the voucher register. 


•Prepares salaries and allowances. 

•Defends the salary variations for staff Ministry of Finance. 

•Does the monthly data entry of staff salaries at the Ministry of Finance Computer Centre. 

 Internal Auditor 

•Ensures strict observance of the provisions in the financial instructions. 

•Undertakes market survey of prices of items to be produced etc. 

Accounts Data Processing unit 

•Types all confidential accounts mails. 

•Ensures that all the documents typed are properly kept. 


is a generating ministry with the following sources of revenue: 

i.Remittance from government, 

ii.Fines from road traffic offences

iii.Plan approval fees, 

iv.Registration of contractors 

v.Parking fees, 

vi.Advert on parks, 

vii.Outdoor adverts, 

viii.Beautification of major monuments 

ix.Advert from lamp post, 

x.Tender fee, 

xi.Permit license, 

xii.Fine from unauthorized installations, 

xiii.Advert from directional gantries, 

xiv.House numbering.