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Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) was established through an Act of Parliament enacted by Enugu State House of Assembly in May 2009. 

The Authority was mandated to supervise development programs, projects and activities within three Local Government Areas – the Enugu East, North and South that made up the new Enugu Capital City.

In her structural mandate, ECTDA has an inter-ministerial role to play, as the Enugu State Government law No. 5 of 2009, establishing the Authority stipulated that relevant under-listed MDAs shall be members of her Board to enhance the ease in the discharge of her legitimate duties; and they include:

i. Ministry of Lands and Urban Development

ii. Ministry of Transport

iii. Enugu State Waste Management Agency

iv. Enugu State Water Corporation

v. Ministry of Environment and Solid minerals

vi. Enugu State Tourism Board vii. Enugu State Fire Service

viii. The three (3) LGAs (Enugu East, North and South) and

ix. Ministry of Culture

The purpose of this Charter is to articulate, create and highlight on desired standards of improved service delivery and implement same to the masses who dwell, visit, and/or pass through Enugu State in areas of:

  • Building plan Approvals
  • Urban Renewal
  • Development control and Infrastructural Management, among others in Line with the vision and mission of Enugu.


• We enforce compliance with appropriate standards in the provision of municipal services in Enugu Capital Territory.

• We co-ordinate and monitor the provision and regulation of municipal services in the capital Territory 

• We create awareness to enlighten the public on how best to join hands in achieving desired development of a modern Enugu Capital city.

• We grant approvals for project development

• We reinstate land(s) already developed without adequate approvals.

• We exercise the right to enter premises and undeveloped lands to monitor the extent of compliance with the law. • We inspect existing structures and on-going projects to  ensure compliance to Health, safety and proper Environmental use (H.S.E.)

• We keep custody of the master plan of the Territory and ensure that it is not tampered with.

• We summon developers for clarifications on building documentations for persistent compliance.

• We embark on development control activities to improve the aesthetic values and orderly flow of traffics in the capital city, by enforcing compliance to road use.

• We arrange for pay parking spaces to ease congestions and obstruction through illegal parking.

• We relocate and decongest to upgrade slums and squalors in line with Urban development needs through joint efforts with relevant MDAs and the general public.

• We give warnings against illegal structures and embark on demolition of non-complaint projects to maintain the capital city Urban plan.

• We embark on the development of central Business District (CBD) as well as House Numbering, involving the provision of street names and signage within the Enugu Capital city.

• We target Zero traffic congestion in free flow of traffic, especially in dual carriage ways in Enugu Capital territory.


 In other to effectively enforce compliance in line with the law establishing ECTDA:

• We exert authority in para-military posture.

• We ensure mutual agreement with stakeholders through grassroot awareness campaign with NURTW, SECDA, NARTO among others as well as the use of flyers, signage and field staff in traffic Monitoring and control. • We approach offenders cordially with positive reasoning and contravene, especially the second-offenders.

• We remove broken down, accident and wrongly parked vehicles from dual carriage ways and charge them to court where applicable.

• Our staff wear ECTDA uniform and put on ID. Cards to avoid impersonation.

• The Authority exercises true democracy by using Court of jurisdiction to prosecute defaulters.

• Defaulters who build beyond boundaries; encroach on Government lands; build on green verges: service lanes, utility lines, and drainages are politely but sternly approached with clarity and accuracy of their offence duly narrated.

• Our staff are courteous and responsive to the enquiries of the erring members of the public and guide them on the way forward.

• We create rooms for customer perception about our activities and provide channels of direct interaction with top management in cases of ambiguities and complaints.

• We are time conscious with our clients and guide them on how to resolve issues amicably.